Mt. Fuji

  1. 3776 meters high, Mt. Fuji is the culminating point of Japan. The ancient poets of Manyo have made many songs on this mountain and during Edo period it became a preferred subject of ukiyoe artists like Hiroshige and Hokusai. Being isolated and located near the cost, it appears taller than in reality, and charms always those who watch it by an exceptional beauty.
  2. Katsushika Hokusai is an ukiyoe artist of the late Edo period and excels especially in landscapes and beauty portraits. He owned a very strong ego and the composition and the coloration of his pictures show an overflowing talent. The series Fugaku-Sanjyurokkei (36 views of Mt Fuji) is his most representative work.
  3. Fugaku-Sanjyurokkei was drawn by Hokusai from the age around 72 and considered his masterpiece. As its name states, it is a collection of pictures which describe Mt. Fuji as well as the people living around it and the travellers. Because his pictures of Mt. Fuji were real landscapes never seen before, the people bought them like hot cakes.
  4. Stratovolcano is the most common form of volcanos and formed by simultaneous or alternating outflows of lava with releases of ash which give birth to a conical mountain. Usually it has a huge skirt as Mt. Fuji.
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