1. Kamikochi is one of the most famous mountain resorts in Japan. Pure current of Azusa River, majestic range of Hodaka Mountains, Taisho Pond which keeps remaining withered trees in its water and so on, you can make a picture with every scene, indeed.
  2. Hodaka is a group of mountains located in the southern part of the Hida Mountains which form a frontier between Nagano and Gifu prefectures. Its main peaks are Kitahodaka, Okuhodaka, Maehodaka and Nishihodaka. Sawteeth mountain ridges and uncovered rocks make it one of the most famous sites for rock-climbing. You climb there from Kamikochi.
  3. As its name states, Taisho Pond was created by a huge explosion of Mt. Yake during Taisho era, by blocking Azusa River. The contrast between standing withered trees scattered over the pond and the image of Mt. Hodaka mirrored on its calm surface is really magnificent. The way that the morning haze passes between those trees is mysterious.
  4. Towering in the southwest of Kamikochi, Mt. Yake is a lava dome located in the Hida Mountains, 2455m high, and the unique active volcano in the North Alps (i.e. the Hida Mountains). The explosion of 1915 created Taisho Lake by blocking Azusa River. You can climb there from Kamikochi via Nakao Pass.
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