Free Light Japanese II to learn Japanese character and text

With Free Light Japanese II you can learn not only Japanese words but sentences. Questions consist in filling up holes generated automatically by the computer. Depending on your level, you can control the percentage of holes, the nature of holes (Kanji only holes, Kana only holes etc.) and the existence of Hurigana above each Kanji hole.

  1. Free Light Japanese II is destined to rather advanced students. If you are a beginner or intend to give the product to children, it is better to use Free Light Japanese I.
  2. The CD-Rom of Free Light Japanese includes both I and II versions.
  3. Please click on the thumbnail picture on the left hand to see a screen shot of the program.

Language Teacher

Teacher can edit his own text directly or by importing it from an external text editor (use "Paste" command of "Edit" menu to import it).
In order to display the above text, check "Teacher's mode" from "File Menu".

Language Student

The product covers the needs of any level - from beginners to advanced students, so it is very important to find the good parameters. This paragraph explains you how to adjust the level of exercises to yours. First of all, uncheck "Teacher's mode" from "File Menu".


You have just begun to study Japanese, then forget Kanji characters and concentrate your effort to learn Kana characters.
In order to display the above text, choose "Hiragana" from "Alphabet Menu" and "Kana only" from "Hole Characters" of "Level Menu".


You have memorized all the Kana characters and you want to learn now Kanji characters. Then, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with them by displaying but not being questioned on them.
In order to display the above text, choose "Kanji" from "Alphabet Menu" and "Kana only" from "Hole Characters" of "Level Menu".


Now, you want to learn seriously Kanji characters. Then you can adjust the parameter so that questions could appear on any character of the text even on Kanji.
In order to display the above text, choose "Kanji" from "Alphabet Menu" and "Both" from "Hole Characters" of "Level Menu".

Note: You can fix freely the percentage of holes between 0 and 100 % (here 50%) and it is the computer which generates randomly the holes, so in each trial, you will see different pattern of holes.

Finer Tuning

If you still feel your exercise too difficult or too easy, you need a finer tuning.

Downloading a demo version

In order to download a demo version, please click on:
DOWNLOAD Windows Demo jsetupd.exe (2789986 bytes).
DOWNLOAD Macintosh's demo (English version 2.1d), fljap21.sit.bin (810496 bytes).

  1. The ordering information is available from the page of Free Light Japanese I.
  2. These demo files don't include exercise files. They are available from our picture gallery.
  3. The above versions don't allow you to save your own exercises. On the contrary, if you are a registered user, you can download a full version from our free updating area.
  4. They are the second update versions. If you have older versions, please replace them with the above versions which will add new functions and correct many bugs.
Last update: October 10, 2007
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