1. Once called Edo, Tokyo has developed quickly since the Tokugawa family, immigrating here in the 16th century, had begun the Edo Shogunate. In the late 19th century, with more than one million inhabitants, Tokyo has been already the biggest city of the world.
  2. According to a legend, in the 36th year of Empress Suiko's reign (628), 2 fisherman brothers Hinomae, who were living in Asakusa, found a golden statue of 50 cm high during a fishing in Sumida river. Then, a county chief, Haji Nakatomo, constructed a small house and install it inside.
  3. The most oldest Buddhist temple of Tokyo for the popular faith, Sensoji Temple is well known by many people with the name of Kannon (one of Buddhist Gods) of Asakusa.
  4. From the medieval times, a market has developed before shrines and temples. We call it "Monzen Ichi". Because of a security for doing business, a concentration of consumers such as priests and monks, and a crowd of visitors, the market was built there in the very early times.
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