1. Azumino located in the north-west of Nagano Prefecture is a dislocation valley lying along so called "Fossa Magna" which cuts Japanese Archipelago in 2 parts. Once called Azuumi because it had been exploited by a maritime folk. Now, thanks to fresh waters, the people is brewing Japanese sake and cultivating horse-radishes.
  2. Jonen is the main peak of Jonen Mountain Chain which precedes Yari-Hotaka Chain. Formed from granite, its height is 2867m. It joins Mt Chou toward the south and Mt Ootenjo toward the north. It is very popular as an observatory of Yari-Hotaka Mountain Chain. Usually it is climbed from Ichinosawa Valley from Hotaka Town via Jonen Pass in the north where located Jonen Hut.
  3. Once upon a time, someone was cutting secretly mountain's woods. When they were camping, they heard a prayer from somewhere. Because it continued even after the night has been far advanced, feeling uneasy they would never approach that mountain. Since then people has called the mount "Jonen" which means a perpetual prayer.
  4. "Taue" is an action which consists in planting rice seedlings on a rice field and is considered a typical Japanese rural scenery between May and June. Since old times, the people living at the foot of North Alps have learned the season of Taoue by watching forms of snow remained on the mountainside. Now most of the works are mechanized.
  5. According to the annals of Hotaka Shrine, the people of Azumino would have come from the northern Kyushyu: they had been in relation with the continent from an early period by taking charge of the navigation and been prosperous. Later they would have immigrated here by seeking a richer land. At Hotaka Shrine which worships Sea God, a ship festival takes place each year even now because of that tradition.
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