1. Sumo is a Japanese national sport. It is a battle of 2 persons in the ring and its goal is to reverse the adversary or push him out of the ring. Being played since Nara-Yamato period, professional wrestlers appeared in Muromachi period and sumo for religious charities had been very poplar during Edo period.
  2. In old times, sumo matches, called "Kanjinzumo" took place on the ground of shrines or temples in order to collect the funds of their construction or reparation.
  3. Gyoji is a sumo referee. His role consists in opposing 2 wrestlers in sumo ring and directing the referee's fan to the winner after a match. If there is no protestation coming from ringside judges, he confirms the judgment by declaring the winner's name. The main houses of sumo referees are Kimura and Shikimori.
  4. Dohyo is a place where a sumo match occurs. Officially it has a circular form with 455 cm of diameter.
  5. The role of the ringside judges consists in watching a match, sitting at each side of the ring, in order to correct an eventual misjudgment of the referee. Elected among retired sumo wrestlers, they are now called Shinpan iin.
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