Links to lists of internet cafes in the world

We have listed here the most important and regularly updated links of internet cafes (cyber cafes). If you need more lists, please connect to the web directories on internet cafes in Yahoo.

Though Hikyaku mailer could run on most of computers, some configurations such as MS Explorer 3 or Netscape 4 need Java Plugin-in to be compatible. So please to be sure that the machine you are going to use should be directly compatible with Hikyaku mailer, before sitting in the internet cafe that you have just found.


The ultimate list of cyber cafes

The most complete list of more than 2000 cyber cafes in the world classified by areas. A little slow to display. English.

North America

American Cyber Cafes

By clicking on a state in the map of USA, you can get a list of cafes in this state. English.



List of more than 1000 cyber cafes in Europe classified by countries. English.


I-cafe Link

List of Japanese cyber cafes classified by prefectures. Japanese.

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Last update: April 7, 99