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The registration to our free e-mail service is temporarily suspended.
Welcome to the request form of free e-mail account Hikyaku. Please fill up the following form in order to create your mailbox on our email server, hikayaku.com. After having verified the availability of the selected user names, we will send to your current e-mail address, your new free e-mail address which will be username@hikyaku.com. Please note that your username must contain only alphabet in small letters or digit characters (in total, between 4 and 8 characters) and begin always with an alphabet.

  1. In order to keep hikyaku email as a free service, you may receive some advertisement per month, but we give you an assurance that you should never receive pornographic publicity nor your personal information be sold.
  2. We don't accept the usage of our email server to send bulk mails, personal attacks or any other contents which may provoke angers of addresses. If we discover such an abuse, your mailbox will be immediately disabled.

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  1. "Your current email address" is the address you are actually using and not the address you wish to get from us. Please verify that you should have spelled correctly that address. If not, you will never receive our reply.
  2. Finally, please push on the gray "Request" button after having verified all the fields.
  3. Please allow us 2 or 3 working days to see your account activated.

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