Trouble Shooting on Hikyaku Program

Note: Here is the list of major problems that the users of Hikyaku may encounter. If you don't find the solution here, please send your problem to, indicating your browser's name and its version as well as OS name and its language (Netscape 4.5, Windows 95, English for example).

  1. I am unable to display your program Hikyaku and the screen remains blank.

    Have you clicked on the line corresponding to your machine and browser? Please note that in order to use Explorer 3 and Netscape 3 or 4, you have to install Java Plugin 1.1 while for Explorer 4 or 4.5 on Macintosh you have to install the last version of Java VM just released by Apple, i.e. MRJ 2.2.

    If you are using Netscape 4.5-4.7 on Windows, you have to enable Java. Please verify it by opening Preference Windows from Edit Menu then click on Advanced Tab. "Enable Java" should be checked.

    If you open too many applications or windows at the same time, or your machine is too old, the program may not work correctly. Please verify it by doing the following test. Quit all the applications excepting for the browser. Close all the windows excepting for the windows where you want to display Hikyaku. Clean up the cache memory of browser by the command "View/Internet Options/General/Delete Files" for MS Explorer and "Edit/Preference/Advanced/Cache/Clear Disk Cache" for Netscape. Reload the program by clicking on "Refresh Button" while pushing down "Control Key" for MS Explorer (Reload + Shift Key for Netscape).

  2. My Explorer 4 crashes after the security dialog.

    Explorer 4 begins to display correctly the program, but immediately after having answered "yes" to the security dialog, it crashes.

    Answer: It is because you are using an earlier version of Explorer 4.01. It frequently occurs with no English versions. In this case, you have to update Java VM (a part of browser's program which interprets Java code) from Microsoft VM's downloading page or better to update the whole browser to the version 5 from Microsoft IE's downloading page.

  3. I can display Hikyaku program but unable to send emails.

    First of all, you have to read your mails with "Incoming mail mode" before sending any mails even if you expect to receive nothing. It is in order to identify yourself as a valid user. The same procedure may be necessary if you have not used our service for several days, or try a connection from another computer.

  4. After having pushed on send or receive button, 4 buttons at the top remain permanently grayed.

    The 4 buttons remain grayed during the transmission of message in order to forbid you to do another work. When the transmission is finished, you will be prompted by a small window indicating the result. If you have switched to another application or window during the transmission, you may miss this small window. Please verify it by examining the task bar at the bottom of screen.

  5. My correspondent sent a Japanese message from MS Outlook Express, but I can't read it.

    Some mail programs support multiple languages and coding methods, like MS Outlook Express running with MS Global IME. In this case, don't forget to use the correct format, each time you change the language. As far as Hikyaku program is concerned, accepting only Japanese JIS format, which is the most common coding method in Japanese mails by the way, your correspondent should have sent the message by choosing this coding method.

  6. Disk quota exceeded

    My correspondent is unable to send me E-mails and sometimes gets a message like "Disk quota exceeded". If it happens to arrive to my mailbox, a half of the message is truncated.

    Answer: It is because you let pile up all the old messages in your mailbox instead of clean up them regularly. Please use "Autoremove" button, if you are using Hikyaku mailer and consult respective manual, if you are using another mailer. By the way, the disk quota of a normal user is 2 mega bytes (1 meg. for the current mailbox and 1 meg. for the archive)

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Last update: March 31, 2001