Shiga Highland (Shiga kogen)

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Shiga Highland is situated in the northeastern region of Nagano Prefecture and forms a part of Joushinetsu National Park. It is an uneven plateau of 1400m to 1700m high, originated from a lava stream coming from Mt Shiga. Surrounded by mountains of about 2000m high, it offers a changing topography with many ponds, lakes and swampy plans rich in Alpine flowers. Not only there are many hot springs but it is one of the most oldest and biggest skiing resorts in Japan. During Nagano Olympic games of 1998, the contests of slalom and giant slalom as well as snowboard were organized there.

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Panoramic View of Higashitate-yama Ground

Shiga kogen skiing resort is formed of 22 small grounds connected between them, so that its skiable area is the largest of Japan. It is reputed to have the snow of a relatively good quality compared to its latitude, because many paths are reaching 2000m high. The giant slalom is taking place in Higashitate-yama ground while the ski slalom and the snowboard giant slalom are taking place in Yakebitai-yama ground. Finally the tiny ground of Kanbayashi, specially fit out for this occasion, will organize "halfpipe" of snowboard.

Slope specifications

Giant Slalom Man Giant Slalom Woman
Start point 1969m 1923m
Goal ponit 1530m 1530m
Vertical drop 439m 393m
Total length 1487m 1329m
Average gradient 17.3 17.3
Maximum gradient 30.9 30.9
Minimum gradient 5.7 5.7

Panoramic View of Yakebitai-yama Ground

Slope specifications

Slalom Man Slalom Woman
Start point 1890m 1870m
Goal ponit 1670m 1670m
vertical drop 220m 200m
Total length 607m 530m
Average gradient 21.3 22.2
Maximum gradient 30.1 30.1
Minimum gradient 14.9 15.5
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