Site optimization by keywords on your domain name

Everyone knows the importance of keywords on the searchengine ranking, but few knows the importance of the places where those keywords will appear. In fact, most of the search engines classify the importance of keyword placement according to the following categories (from the most important to less important)
  1. keywords appearing on the domain name
  2. keywords appearing on the name of the webpage or its title.
  3. keywords appearing at the beginning of the webpage or/and in big characters.
  4. keywords appearing at the end of the webpage or/and in small characters, or metatags.
French display
So it is very important that the domain name should contain one of your targeted keywords, if your site is wanted to acquire one of the best search engine positions.
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Along with .com domain, .net domain is one of the most demanded extensions but good domain names are virtually exhausted.

Once .com and .net domain names exhausted, many people fallen back to .org domain before considering other extensions. .org means "organization".

After the first domain extensions like .com and .net, introduced in 1980's and saturated then, ICANN added some extensions such as .info and .biz in 2001.

The extension created at the same time as .info. .biz means "business".

Since April 2006, persons or companies who are domiciled in one of EC countries can register .eu extension domains. Since EC courtiers form together the world's largest economic zone, reserving some of them should be considered a good investment even if you have no plan to use them immediately.

Compared to other major Europeans, French country code .fr has remained relatively virgin until recently, because only French companies could register domains (Since June 20, 2006, every French resident can register domains)

It is the country code of Belize but many people confuse with .biz, so it may be a substitute solution if .biz was taken by someone else.

This is the country code of Belgium. A half of the Belgium population speak French, especially in Brussels, while another half speak Dutch.

With 1 billion inhabitants, India is the world's second largest country in population, and its economy is now booming, so good domain names will be quickly exhausted.

With 160 million inhabitants, Pakistan's internet is still in a infancy state but expected to develop quickly as neighboring India.
Last update: June 9, 2009
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