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Afghanistan and Afghan war

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map of afghanistan Located on the road between the central Asia and Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan has been frequently a theater of fierce battles between powerful neighbors to extend their zone of influence. It was the case of a dispute between Russia and England in 19th century and between USSR and USA during the cold war.

But due to its mountainous geography and multi ethnic racial composition that goes beyond the frontier with neighboring countries, Afghanistan can be easily destabilized by a guerilla war even if you win the first dispute.

After the retreat of Soviet troops from Afghanistan in 1989, followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the direct dispute between Russia and America has temporally stopped but Pakistan, fearing to be devoured by India, has not stop to extend its influence zone to Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda attack of World Trade Center led by Osama bin Laden on September 11, 2001 forced people to suddenly realize a strategic importance of Afghanistan from the geopolitical view point.

The objective of this site is giving the maximum of information on Afghanistan by tracing its historic, background that should allow you to correctly understand the current Afghan war.

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afghanistan relief

Help Afghan refugees

For more than 20 years, Afghanistan has been at war. Now American bombings on Afghanistan may provoke a massive refugee exodus and famine. By purchasing post cards of Afghanistan from a charitable organization, you can contribute to save those Afghan children and women from famine and persecution.

Learn Arabic language

Learn Arabic language

Afghanistan has been strongly influenced by the Arabic culture like any other Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Iran. Click here to find more detailed description and screen shots on the Arabic tutorial program "Free Light Arabic" and possibly download a free demo version.

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Afghanistan and Afghan war
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