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Located at the very center of Honshu Island, Nagano is the most mountainous prefecture of Japan and owns many excellent skiing resorts. For that reason Nagano has been chosen to organize Winter Olympics in 1998. Now, the games are over but we continue to expose here a tourist information about venues as well as the results as a souvenir of the event.

The official site of 2010 winter olympic game organizer, Vancouver City in Canada is here.

Note: Please click on yellow rectangles of the map below to have a detailed information of each Olympic venue or tourist resort.

map of Nagano
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train pictureHow to get to Nagano?

Please click on the train image to know where Nagano is and how to get there.

pole picture Links to other sites on Nagano Olympics

Now, there exist plenty of sites related to Nagano Olympics. We have selected for you some of the most interesting sites.

podium picture Medal counts in Nagano Olympics

In order to know the total of medals per country, please click on the podium.

olympic calendarCalendar of 1998 Nagano Olympic

Please click on the calendar to know the exact date when each contest was held.
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Nagano Olympics

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